Hair and Beauty Glossary

This is a glossary of terms for hair and beauty to aid the D/deaf. Select the term you are interested in and click on the word video to open it full screen or press the play button on the embedded video clip. 

The signs used in these clips are known and used by the learners at Vision West Nottinghamshire College. 

They are intended to be used solely as a resource and do not necessarily represent definitive BSL signs.

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Base Colour

A colour product for hair.


A colour.


A dummy head (hair block) used for practising cuts, styles and techniques.


A colour, a light grayish yellow.


A link or joining. One item bonds to another.


A colour.


BrushesAn implement that has 'bristles' firmly set into a handle, used for grooming the hair.

Brush Applicator

A brush - usually small, for applying products.