QDP HE Semester 1 (Induction) Survey 2017/18

Monday 30th October 2017 – Monday 20th November 2017 

The QDP HE Semester 1 (Induction) Survey 2017/18 is now live and we need your help in supporting the completion of the survey with all learners. This is an online survey only and available to complete 24 hours a day, for a period of three weeks.

Please note that both 1st and 2nd year learners are expected to complete this survey and although they will log into the same link, they will be issued with the correct version of the questionnaire (please see attached above for reference).

Steps to completing the survey

 1. You can complete the survey by following the link below to the dedicated webpage: 


2. You will then be asked to enter your learner code; this is the code that you already use to log on to computers and can be found on you ID badge (starting with the first 3 letters of you surname)

3. Complete the survey which takes just a few minutes

Hints & Tips

All learners on programmes during the survey period are entitled to take part 

Encourage learners to complete this during group tutorials, workshop time or at home

Remind the learners that the survey needs to be completed and that their views are important; they do make a difference!

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